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Sean Lowther, LMHC, CCT


Licensed in MA, NH

  I endeavor to remain as inclusive in my approach to treatment as possible. I firmly believe that the best treatment is derived from a partnership between the client and the clinician, which necessitates the willingness to use the technique, theory or practice that feels comfortable to the individual. I have experience working with clients of all ages, genders, and issues, including families, couples and individuals, as I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to improve their own happiness.


     Fundamentally, I approach counseling from a pragmatic/behavioral point of view. Addressing issues in treatment is often about discovering the essence of what motivates us. Sometimes this is clear, often though this can be clouded by our own conceptions, hence we find ourselves struggling to change.


     My experience ranges from treating chronic mental illness, to episodic disturbances caused by life events. I have worked with individuals across the cultural and socio-economic spectrum, favoring a brief, but progress orientated approach, as I remain sensitive to the availability of resources of my clients.

Sean Lowther, LMHC, CCTP: Meet the Team
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