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Demaris (Bethania) Nunez

Virtual Only - Clinician

Licensed in MA, NH

Hola! My name is Bethania and I have been working as a Clinician for about 10 years.

I have experience working with multicultural backgrounds, different age groups, families, churches, communities and mental health agencies. Within that scope I have also worked with Autism, Deaf, stroke and elderly population.

My methods are creative, eclectic, non-judgmental and strength-based. I enjoy incorporating a hands-on, interactive and reflective approach through expressive interventions (art, music sensory), grounding techniques, self-care, your own spiritual values and problem-solving skills for personal growth.

I specialize in CBT, trauma, sensory, mood management, and cultural interventions. Other strategies may also be incorporated to address those issues that are impacting your life.

Three fun facts about me are that I embrace each day that I am alive, enjoy travelling and Marvel comics.

 Allow me to be part of your journey while we try to discover ways to maintain stability and learn to enjoy life again.

I am fluent in Spanish, English and conversational ASL.

Long Banh, LICSW
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