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Matthew Walsh, LMHC


        At certain stages in our experience, we come to outgrow previously assigned narratives that no longer make sense for whom we are, where we are going, or who we want to be. Being stuck and not being able to shed those past narratives, can lead to an emotional distress that we label as symptoms. I see your desire to make a change as the characteristic of an emotionally healthy individual.  I believe each of us is equipped with the intrinsic knowledge for positive and sustainable growth in our own life. I aim to provide you a safe space and an open-minded and authentic partnership where we can explore what is holding you back from coming to terms with your pain and work to develop strategies to continue forward on your journey of becoming the best version of yourself.

     I approach my sessions from an eclectic therapeutic stance, tailoring my style holistically to what works best for you and your goals.  I have nearly twenty years’ experience working with individuals of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, and socio-economic backgrounds. I have worked within a diverse range of settings from inner city school systems, emergency departments, inpatient psychiatric units, group homes, prisons and homeless shelters, to competitive private schools, international non-profits and private practice settings. For the past several years, I have come to increasingly explore and apply the theory of Eco-therapy and how our interactions with nature can promote and sustain healing. With this said, at the clients desire, I am ever ready to move our time together out of the traditional indoor therapy setting to an outdoor natural space where we can continue our work.

Michael Dahnke, LMHC: TeamMember
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