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Julie Lublin, LMFT


     I am a licensed marriage and family therapist with a background in visual arts, systemic therapy, and holistic psychology. My clinical approach blends together my experiences from working with nonprofits, residential settings, community-based programs, and private practice to create a dynamic perspective that continues to evolve. The framework from which I practice, provides more integrative and client-centered opportunities for healing to take place.

     I can offer an open mind when supporting others in exploring how they uniquely exist in the world around them. I have extensive experience around working with vulnerable populations and I incorporate various evidence-based trainings, including EMDR and Ego States Therapy, into my practice. These modalities can be used to support those who are experiencing residual effects of PTSD, or other challenges that may have become intrusive over time. By utilizing multiple clinical strategies as a provider, I hope to increase the likelihood for developing a collaborative and therapeutic relationship for catering to the needs of a diverse demographic. 

     My experience ranges from supporting others around difficult transitions, single-trauma events, ongoing mental health challenges, and complex presentations of mental health symptoms. I work with clients of all ages, as well as with couples, non-traditional relationships, families, and blended families.

     I practice inclusively and welcome you as you are, regardless of your sexuality, gender, age, socioeconomic status, or disability. 

Michael Dahnke, LMHC: TeamMember
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