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Christopher Parry, LMHC


     A strong therapeutic relationship, in a space which feels safe and without judgement, are the most important aspects of successful treatment. As an experienced licensed mental health counselor, I focus on providing that space and on enabling you to work through difficult and often overwhelming emotions at the pace you feel comfortable with. 


     My previous work experience includes in-home therapy with seniors, on-campus college counseling, and most recently working as a clinician in a trauma-informed residential placement for adolescent clients. These varying treatment settings have given me the opportunity to work with individuals ranging from 13 years of age to end-of-life, with diverse presenting clinical concerns. In addition, I have provided counseling in group, family, as well as individual settings. 


     The clients with whom I work most commonly experience depression, anxiety, specific phobias, substance use issues, interpersonal problems, and both acute and chronic trauma. Regardless of what leads to your emotional distress, I will provide a safe and supportive environment where we can collaborate to implement the most effective and appropriate interventions for you given your unique individual needs. Together we work to identify how your internal experience is hindering your daily functioning and quality of life. It may feel like a daunting step, but I know from experience I can help you gain a better understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and how they impact you as you work to reach your life goals.

Christopher Parry, LMHC: TeamMember
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